All Begonias should be pre-booked by July 1st for spring shipping weeks 1-14 and January 1st for holiday shipping weeks 30-36.

TERRA NOVA® has one of the world’s most unique Begonia breeding programs. We originally set out to avoid many common Begonia issues by going back to the basics and building from the foundation up. Over many years we have been using several unnamed species out of semi-tropical, high altitude N. Vietnam and China. This has resulted in wonderful advances that set ours apart from any other Rex type Begonias. Some of our introductions do resemble Rex types but have no “B. rex” blood in them. Instead, by using novel species, this reduces inbreeding (common in standard rexes) and has increased the overall plant vigor. With the native habitat of the parent plants collected in higher elevations, we have seen an impressive increase in cold hardiness. Most Rex hybrid Begonias suffer at or below 50° F, all our varieties, once established, are trialed in a vernalization house at 38° F with NO signs of stress or losses prior to release. Select varieties have even been trialed in ground in Oregon for several years (zone 8a) successfully! This huge development allows for earlier spring releases and far less fear of greenhouse losses due chilling. This is only available with TERRA NOVA® bred Begonias.