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Curriculum Vitae

Dan & MarthaSince 1973, Dan Heims has been deeply involved in all facets of horticulture. He has taught horticulture courses, wholesaled exotic plants, and run his own design and install landscape business. He’s currently the president of TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc., a company noted for breeding programs that have produced numerous international gold and silver-medal winners, and an impressive 800+ plant introductions.

Dan’s articles and photography have been featured in a number of trade magazines. He has hosted a weekly radio gardening show on KKSN and has appeared on The Martha Stewart TV Show, Martha Stewart Omnimedia Radio, HGTV, and the BBC. His work and his garden have been featured in USA Today, Forbes, Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset Magazine, Fine Gardening, Horticulture, and Organic Gardening.

Dan is a published author, having written the humorous Garden Clerk’s Dictionary, and he coauthored Heucheras and Heucherellas with Grahame Ware (Timber Press, 2005). He was given the RHS’ Cory Cup in recognition of his breeding work in Heuchera.

Heucheras & Heucherellas

Dan has traveled to 31 countries in search of the newest perennials. Along the way, he uses his unique blend of knowledge, wit, and humor to captivate audiences around the globe. He is a frequent speaker in every corner of the United States, as well as in Japan, England, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Tasmania, Australia, and Canada.

Dan’s lecture repertoire is comprised of 25 topics, covering the gamut of all things horticultural. Some of his most popular lectures include:


  • Plants That Pay the RENT!
  • Container Crazy (and Plants for Small-Space Gardens)
  • Garden Gems
  • New Plants from Around the World
  • Heuchera and Its Kissing Cousins

The Skinny

Proposed Programs: 1 hour
Air, room, meals, transfers from airport, and lecture fee (to be negotiated)
Additional talks (also to be negotiated)
Email: dan@terranovanurseries.com
Website: www.terranovanurseries.com


  • Bachelor of Science, Communications, University of Oregon
  • Minors in Botany, Landscaping, and Psychology

Current Lectures – 25 Topics

Plants That Pay the RENT!Plants That Pay the RENT! – No plant—be it tree, shrub, bulb, or perennial—evades eviction. Tap Dan’s 40+ years of plant knowledge to find out which plants fill multiple seasons with foliage color, long bloom times, fragrance, and decorative character. Discover proven plants that give more.

Perennials for ContainersPerennials for Containers – Many perennials not only adapt well to containers, they truly shine! Come explore an array of awesome, colorful perennials, and learn how to take care of them. Tips on maintaining fertility and winterizing pots will also be revealed. Walk away with some great “recipes” to use in your own garden or garden center.

Four Fabulous GeneraFour Fabulous Genera – Dan presents a brief history of Pulmonaria, Tiarella, Heuchera, and x Heucherella, followed by slides of native populations and the breeding programs that have transformed these quiet woodlanders into some of the most sought-after perennials on the market.

Right Plant, Right Place: Plant Solutions for Problem AreasRight Plant, Right Place: Plant Solutions for Problem Areas – Individual gardens can have deserts, swamps, and shady refuges. This is a talk on how to make smart choices for problem spaces. Drawing from his life experience with thousands of plants, Dan not only presents plants as problem solvers, but offers expert advice on how to make them thrive.

Crazy About Coral Bells! (and Their Allies)Crazy About Coral Bells! (and Their Allies) – Dan presents a brief history of this group of plants (the Saxifragaceae), followed by slides of native populations and the breeding programs that have transformed this quiet woodland group into some of the most sought-after perennials today. Learn from the man who wrote the book!

Shade Gardening with New PerennialsShade Gardening with New Perennials – Discover how to master different types of shade and learn how to conquer the problems of root and light competition. Drool over gorgeous plant combinations that feature an overview of new perennials and old favorites. Dry shade? You’d be surprised what thrives there! Also find out how to create spectacular shade containers.

Container Crazy (and Plants for Small Gardens)Container Crazy (and Plants for Small Gardens) – Dan’s trips around the world have exposed him to an amazing array of wild containers planted with the most unusual plants. Dan will cover these, plus an assortment of unusual plant materials that give new life to containers. Tips on how to design containers and small garden spaces, as well as information on soil fertility and plant health.

Bonkers for BegoniasBonkers for Begonias – An entirely new program covering the varieties and uses of this fascinating and ginormous family. Explore rare species, from twoinch-tall, yellow-blooming terrarium plants from Africa, to twelve-foot giants from Brazil. Care, culture, and propagation will all be revealed. A new element has been added—that of Hardy Begonias! Discover what could thrive in your garden!

Hot Heucheras and Their UsesHot Heucheras and Their Uses – Heucheras are hot—the palette of foliage colors alone is amazing! Join Dan, who literally wrote the book on them, in this overview of how Heucheras and Heucherellas are used around the world. Magnificent green walls, surprising containers, and landscape uses will be featured. Learn how these multipurpose plants can be used to their best advantage in garden centers and landscapes. Participants will be wowed by these plants’ beauty and diversity.

Garden GemsGarden Gems – Dan has been exposed to more plants, in more places, than your average bear. This talk is a fun compilation of some of the newest, most exciting perennials, tropicals, and woodies seen today. Dan pulls together these plants from worldwide trips, botanical gardens, plant shows, and nurseries. Indulge the nerd within!

Putting the Posh in Garden CentersPutting the Posh in Garden Centers – Prepare yourselves for some mind-blowing images of the poshest garden centers in the world. Much attention is paid to British nurseries, which can truly keep you entertained for an entire day. You’ll see Petersham Nurseries (the model for Terrain); Dobies, the home of the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker; and other nurseries designed to keep customers shopping. How do they do it? Come find out!

Sexy Succulents Indoors and Out!Sexy Succulents Indoors and Out! – Explore the fascinating world of succulents with the only guy to have planted a South African succulent garden next to his bed in college. Learn how to grow succulents in both temperate and desert climates, and view outrageous container plantings from around the world. Take a virtual tour from Arizona to South Africa and see magnificent specimens in the wild. Learn how to classify, care for, and propagate these plants successfully. One of the hottest gardening trends today!

Asian FascinationAsian Fascination – Discover the marvels of Japan, how to collect plants and bring them home (legally!), and enjoy an overview of Japanese nurseries and wacky collectors. Lose yourselves in images of incredible Japanese plants in cultivation and in the wild.

The Greatest Garden Shows on EarthThe Greatest Garden Shows on Earth – Dan has been a repeat visitor to the RHS Chelsea Show and RHS Hampton Court, two of finest flower shows on earth. See the most superlative flowers and display gardens imaginable. Dan’s behind-the-scenes access provides an unobstructed view that few attendees ever see. From the rarest plants to a portrait of the queen, we’ll have our share of “oohs and aahs!”

Flash and Splash: Building the Color StoryFlash and Splash: Building the Color Story – One of the most comprehensive slide presentations of variegated and colorful foliage plants in the world, including surprises from New Zealand, Japan, and Europe. Topics include how variegated plants are discovered, chimera versus virus, and variegation classification. Use of color in design is revealed, featuring color echoes, repetition, contrast, and harmony.

New Perennials from Around the WorldNew Perennials from Around the World – Join Dan on a whirlwind tour of ten horticultural countries—Japan, China, Germany, Tasmania, Australia, the U.S., Holland, England, Ireland, and New Zealand—to learn how new plants are discovered. Meet the movers and shakers in each country, plus the plants they love. Focusing primarily on hardy perennials, Dan’s lecture will feature exceptional “temperennials.” As a bonus, learn how to legally bring plants into the U.S. Dan’s most popular presentation!

Plant Marketing Around the WorldPlant Marketing Around the World – Dan has visited 28 countries, taking a keen interest in how plants are promoted, presented, and sold. Check out the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Dan will also discuss his unique perspective on marketing and how participants can better put themselves and their products forward.

Creating Color, or How TERRA NOVA® Turns Ordinary Plants into SuperstarsCreating Color, or How TERRA NOVA® Turns Ordinary Plants into Superstars – Nature deals a reasonable hand. It is human intervention that shuffles the deck and redeals the gifts of nature, then combines them in such a way that they become a spectacular creation. For over 20 years, TERRA NOVA® has been at the forefront of the “Wow” in horticulture. Join Dan on his journey.

These Are a Few of My Favorite ThingsThese Are a Few of My Favorite Things – Come visit Dan’s world—a world of fascinating plants, both temperate and tropical. See the breeding operation that puts out the coolest plants. Visit a few stops around the globe where plant collectors thrive, and meet some of the world’s best plantsmen. One for the hortiholics! (First presented at Heronswood’s “Horthead’s Holiday.”)

How Dry I Am (Dealing with Drought)How Dry I Am (Dealing with Drought) – As water sources dwindle in many areas, changes need to be made in plant selection, garden design, and watering techniques. Climate change has resulted in hose bans and watering restrictions in some areas, and it has definitely impacted plant sales. Dan’s talk is primarily plant-centric for water-wise landscaping, but he also touches on water storage and distribution. His handout lists resources to help consumers deal with this side effect of climate change.

Making MORE: Plant Propagation from a ProMaking MORE: Plant Propagation from a Pro – Drawing from his 35+ years of in-the-trenches propagation experience, Dan will offer real-world advice on how to increase your own plant production. Not only will you discover how to multiply annuals, shrubs, and perennials, but you’ll also get a behind-the scenes look at some major propagators in the field. As a bonus, Dan will provide handouts that feature 100 plants—and explain how to make more of them.

To Market, to Market, to Launch a New PlantTo Market, to Market, to Launch a New Plant – Dan divulges the processes of selection, “sport fishing,” and trials, as well as the intricacies of marketing, patenting, and trademarking new plants. Current TERRA NOVA® perennial trials are featured, as are many of its introductions, many of which have been patented. Media Launches 101—for both print and the web—are also disclosed.

Has Technology Saved Horticulture?Has Technology Saved Horticulture? – Don’t be left in the potting soil dust! From the advent of the irrigation ppe, to LEDs that illuminate crops on their way to Mars, technology has been holding hands with horticulture for centuries. Come explore this world with Dan as he shares his views on the topics of tissue culture, mechanization, and the movement of horticulture into the twenty-first century.

Cannabis: A Green MarketCannabis: A Green Market – Cannabis is the talk of the town… and nation! Dan has served as a consultant in this rapidly growing industry and wants to share the lingo, mechanics, and horticulture as it relates to this mystical herb. You’re invited into the grows and labs where the green matter is refined into remedies and salves sold by dispensaries. We’ll visit a few of these stores in the US and Holland where surprising items are made available. Dan takes some of the mystique of this plant and presents it in an illuminating, educational platform. (Sorry, no samples)

How to Create a Catalog in 60 Minutes or LessHow to Create a Catalog in 60 Minutes or Less – Discover the fascinating creative process of putting your plants to paper. Dan covers computers, software, digital and film cameras, and the process of how they all come together. See real examples of catalog development from the “napkin sketch” to the shipped catalog.

More Praise for Dan’s Lectures

Mr. Heims spoke to our Master Gardener group about plant propagation. He was informative and entertaining. The demonstration he included was very helpful. – Kathy Ruble from Valparaiso, Upstate New York, 03/28/2012

Spokane, Washington Loves Dan Heims
Dan came up from Oregon to speak before our group and was a big hit. A delight-ful and knowledgeable speaker with a wealth of interesting information and a contagious sense of humor. We’d have him back to speak to us every month if we could. – ViAnn Meyer, Spokane, WA, 3/12

Record Audience!
Dan spoke this past Saturday at the Linnaeus Teaching Garden in Tulsa. We had the largest group of attendees since we have been sponsoring these annual lec-tures, almost 300. Dan is a true leader in the industry for his knowledge apprecia-tion of plants. Great job! Thanks again and again. – Joseph Ward, Tulsa, OK, 6/11

Dan Heims spoke at a Gardener’s Lecture Series event sponsored by the Master Gardeners and the Arboretum. He was an engaging speaker, full of wit and enthu-siasm. He inspired the audience to look for new hybrids coming to nurseries. Beautiful pictures. – Sue Fosson from Botanica, Lexington, KY, 11/10

Dear Dan, I want to extend a huge thank you for your informative and entertain-ing presentation. I’ve had numerous phone calls commenting on how much eve-ryone enjoyed the talk… It is such a pleasure to meet someone, such as you, who has taken their passion in life and turned it into something they can share witheveryone else! You’re an inspiration to us all!!! – Stephanie O’Toole, Director, Country Gardens, 4/10

Dear Dan, What a stunning show! {New Perennials from Around the World} It was wonderful to see all the color. Your relaxed and humorous style warmed the members and helped them to appreciate your travels to the fullest! Your generos-ity benefits many places. – Christine Farrington, Seminar Chair, Portland Garden Club 10/09

Dear Dan, “Thanks” seems so small a word to express the gratitude and pleasure it is for me to tell you how much we enjoyed your seminar… What a thrill to see not only people listening, taking notes, and enjoying themselves, but seeing a room full of interested people… It was exhilarating to have so many people in attendance. – Mary Bucholz, Seminar Co-chair, ABS, 5/09

Dan, Your presentation last Friday was great! {Plant Nerd Night} You have a unique ability to give a presentation full of useful information and yet make it entertaining at the same time. – Mike Darcy, Host, In the Garden, 3/09

Self-confessed hortiholic Dan Heims recently spoke at the University of Illinois Extension’s annual Master Gardener Conference. It is clearly evident that Dan’s knowledge of plant material is outstanding, but more important is his passion for sharing that expertise. Dan taught the basics of shade gardening to our Master Gardeners, and then delved into the specifics on genera such as Heuchera and Heucherella, stressing new plant introductions as well as old favorites. The at-tendees specifically loved his beautiful slides. Dan’s humor and easy-going yet informative style made him one of our most popular speakers. Dan was a great addition to our conference and we hope to have him back in future years. – Monica David, Director, Illinois Master Gardeners, 9/08

I wanted you to know how grateful we are to you for your wonderful program! You were the perfect addition to an educational, explorational type of agenda… Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Cheryl Lenart, SW Director, American Begonia Society National Convention, 5/08

On behalf of the Michigan Green Industry Association, I would like to sincerely thank you for speaking at MGIA’s trade show and Convention… The trade show and attendance at the educational programs exceeded our expectations. Your contribution as an outstanding speaker is a direct reflection on the success of this year’s conference! – Karla J. Trosen, MGIA Director of Education and Member-ship, 3/08

Thanks for speaking at the 79th Annual OSU Short Course and making it an over-whelming success… Thank you for your part in delivering a quality educational program to our industry…we hope you will consider returning as a speaker in years to come. – Hannah Mathers, Ph.D., and Pam Bennett, OSU Nursery Course Co-chair, 2/08

On behalf of the CanWest Committee, I would like to thank you for being part of the CanWest seminar program. And, as results indicate, you were a HIT! – Karen DeJong, CanWest Nursery Show/BCNLA Marketing Director, 1/08

On behalf of the Perennial Plant Association and the Master Gardeners of Ohio, I want to thank you for providing a most educational and entertaining lecture. The day was very special, and our attendees were most pleased with your program! Your books sold well, and I appreciate the notes you wrote for each of our kids. – Steven M. Still, Executive Director of the Perennial Plant Association, 1/07

Huge thanks for sharing the insights you’ve gathered around the globe… A rare treat to see the new and exciting… – Anne Van Nest, Garden Writers of America Convention, 10/07

Dan, Thank you so much for helping to make the 2006 Perennial Conference the success it was! – Kathy Wooton, Grower Talks, 9/06

Like the perfect blend of ingredients that make up a delicious meal, your contri-bution to the 2006 Farwest Show made it a success. Thank you for your time, en-thusiasm, and experience! – Aimee McAuliffe, Farwest Nursery Show Education ‘ Director, 8/06

Thank you so much for your participation in this year’s SNA conference in Mobile. Speakers such as you made this an “Over the Top” conference. It was a great presentation and received many good comments from our guests. We appreciate you bringing a bit of the West Coast to the South! I hope to see you again at one of the nursery events! -Marion Drummond, Executive Director of the Mobile Botanical Gardens, 9/07

Thanks for being part of the INLA convention. You are as knowledgeable and en-tertaining as your reputation suggests! I have gotten many chuckles from your book as well! -Chuck Porto, Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association, 3/06

Thank you very much for speaking at our “Garden Party.” The images were great, and your love and knowledge of plants came through! – Kate Royston, Temple speaker organizer 5/07

Please feel free to contact any person or organization cited above for more information on how Dan can make your event truly memorable.

Praise for Dan

Dan Heims
GreatGardenSpeakers.com Review

Dan packed the seating area as keynote speaker at the U.K.’s National Plant Show. Fascinating subject, a huge range of plants, and a sense of humour as well… We would definitely book him again. – Martin Simmons, United Kingdom Horticultural Trades Association

I have heard Dan give presentations on a wide spectrum of subjects: from plant talks on specific groups of plants like his famous Heucheras and Tiarellas, to talks on plant exploration and travel in exotic places. I have also heard Dan give nuts-and-bolts presen-tations on the how-to for nurserymen, on marketing plants, on the intricacies of plant hybridization and plant development. No matter what the subject, the photographic images are always stunning, the presenta-tion crisp, entertaining, and full of valuable information…. And the delivery is always warm, humorous, and engaging. I know no one in America who has a better grasp of our nursery industry and plant development nationally or internationally. Dan Heims is America’s premier plant guru. He always delivers. – Panayoti Kelaidis, Director, Denver Botanic Garden

All of us at the CGGA and CNLA are so grate-ful for your personal and professional effort and time speaking at our meeting. Many compliments were heard about your presen-tation… It says volumes about your good personal character that you would want to share your personal knowledge to help im-prove the businesses of your colleagues. THANK YOU!” – Robert V. Heffernan, Executive Director, Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association

Radio and TV Appearances

⋅ KKSN, Oregon: Garden Notes (Dan’s weekly show)
KBOO, Oregon: Gardening Open Line
KPTV Fox 12, Oregon: Gardening for Fun In the Garden with Mike Darcy (two appearances) Gardening with Bill and Julie Garden Time (three appearances)
WKMZ TV, Tennessee: “New Perennials” “Shade Plants”
WSPR TV, Illinois: The Morning Show
KOIN TV, Oregon: “Dig It!” “New Plants from Tissue Culture” Garden Time Television: “TERRA NOVA®’s Plants at the International Rose Test Gardens” Informational spots for Hart’s Nursery
ABC: Tasmania: “What’s Up with TERRA NOVA®?” (Episode 63)
HGTV: Gardening by the Yard with Paul James (Episode GBY906) Garden Time with Jeff Gustin “New Plants for the Garden” “TERRA NOVA® Introductions” “At the Royal Botanic Gardens” with Kathy Renwahl
HALLMARK: Martha Stewart Show
SIRIUS: Martha Stewart Radio Show
KGW TV: Three Episodes with Anne Jaeger
KXL 950: Gardening with Mike Darcy BBC: “Chelsea Contributions from TERRA NOVA®” “Plant Breeding at TERRA NOVA®”
XTK Radio, 95.1: Garden Line with C.L. Fornari (three appearances)
KTOK AM 1040: The Garden Festival
AM1270: The Buzz (two appearances)
HPA: The Jane Pepper Gardening Hour
PPT 1380 AM: Jane Nugent, “TERRA NOVA® Plants”
Sveriges Television, Sweden: On Heuchera with Peter Gaunitz Grün Rüm (The Green Room)
CABC AM740, Toronto: The Art Drysdale Show

Past Speaking Engagements

Alaska Rock Garden Society
Alaska Master Gardeners Convention
Aldridge Botanic Garden
Aline-Fairweather’s Nursery, Beaulieu, England
America in Bloom
American Begonia Society Convention, West Palm Beach and Austin
American Nurseryman Convention, Portland
American Society of Landscape Architects
Arkansas Flower and Garden Show
Australian Institutes of Horticulture, Melbourne and Tasmania
Ball Flora’s Perennial Production Conference
Ball Seed
Boerner Botanical Garden
BC Grows, British Columbia
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
California Horticultural Society, Academy of Sciences, Featured Speaker
California Spring Plant Trials
CanWest – BC Nursery and Landscape Show
Cheekwood Botanic Garden
Chicago Botanic Garden
Chicago Flower and Garden Show (two appearances)
Cleveland Botanical Garden
Connecticut Greenhouse Grower’s Association
Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association
Country Gardens, Lake Oswego
Cranbrook Botanical Garden
Denver Botanic Garden
Daisy Chain – The Oregon Plant Nerd Society (two appearances)
Farmington Gardens
Farwest Nursery Show (four appearances)
Fayetteville in Bloom, Arkansas
Flower and Garden Show
Frelinghuysen Arboretum, New Jersey, Keynote Speaker
Friends of Manito
Fritz Garden Design
Garden Center Symposium 2013, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Garden Clubs of America, Des Moines, Iowa
Gardens on the Prairie
Garden Writers Association (two appearances)
Gateway Green Industry Conference, Keynote Speaker
Grower Talks Perennial Symposium
Hardy Plant Society of Oregon
Hardy Plant Society of Wisconsin
Hardy Plant Society of Dortmund, Germany
Hart’s Garden Center
Home and Gardening Show
Homer Garden Club, Arkansas
Hood River Master Gardeners
Hortheads Holiday, Heronswood, with Dan Hinkley and Tony Avent
Horticultural Alliance of the Hamptons
Horticulture Magazine, Spring Border Series (four cities)
Horticultural Trades Association, United Kingdom, Keynote Speaker
The Hortus Club, New York City
Indiana Hosta Society
Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Inland Empire Group, Spokane
Innovaplant, Costa Rica
Innovaplant, Kientzler Gensingen, Germany
InPlants, New Zealand
International Begonia Society
International Daylily Convention, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
International Stauden-Union, Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Holland
International Trials Conference, England
Iowa Master Gardeners
Iowa Nurserymen
Iowa State University
IPPS Regional Meeting, Troutdale, OR
IPPS International, Arundel, England
IPPS Eastern Regional Conference, Grand Rapids
Japan Flower and Garden Show, Tokyo
Japanese Nurseryman Meeting, Kawaguchi, Japan, 1997 Gotemba, Japan, 2000
Johnson County Community College., Kansas
Kansas City Garden Symposium, 2012, (twice; once as Keynote Speaker)
Landscape Ontario, Primary Speaker
Lilyhemmer Regional Daylily Conference
Linden Farms, Pennsylvania
Linnaeus Garden, Tulsa
Massachusetts Horticultural Society (in Kyoto)
Master Gardeners, Summit County, Ohio
Meredith Publishing, Circle Event
Metropolitan Garden Club
Michigan Green Industry
Michigan Landscape and Nursery Association (two appearances; one as Keynote Speaker)
Michigan Master Gardeners
Mid-Am Horticultural Trade Show, Chicago (two appearances)
Mid-Am Hardy Plant Society
Mid-Atlantic Hardy Plant Society, Swarthmore
Mid-Atlantic Short Course, Virginia Beach Keynote Speaker
Molbak’s (WA)
Montana Green Expo
Mt. Cuba Center
My Garden Nursery (three appearances)
Nerd Night in Lake Oswego (three appearances)
New England Greenhouse Growers
New England Grows! (two appearances)
New York Botanic Garden (two appearances)
North American Rock Garden Society, Willamette & Rocky Mountain Chapters
Northwest Flower & Garden Show
Northwest Horticultural Society
Northwest Hosta and Shade Garden Society (twice)
Northwest Perennial Alliance
OAN Greenhouse Grower’s Chapter
Ohio CENTS Show
Ohio Master Gardeners, Perennial Plant Association
Ohio Short Course (four appearances)
Oklahoma Garden Festival
Olbrich Botanical Gardens
Oregon Association of Nurserymen, Green- house Chapter (two appearances)
Oregon Association of Nurserymen, Retail Chapter
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Pack Trials (Euro American)
Pennsylvania Allied Nursery Trades Show
Pennsylvania Hardy Plant Society
Perenne, Lauffen, Germany
Perennial Plant Association, Boston, Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, Raleigh, St. Louis, Toronto, Vancouver
Point Defiance Zoo
Poppybox Gardens
Portland Farmer’s Market
Portland Garden Club
Portland Home and Garden Show
Portland Spaces
Portland Nursery
ProGreen Expo (two appearances)
Proven Winners, South Africa
Puget Sound Grower’s Association
Rainforest Gardens Symposium, Vancouver, British Columbia
RHS Wisley Gardens, Trials Conference Speaker
Rocky Mountain Chapter NARGS, Rock Garden Society
Sacred Heart
Shady Oaks Hosta Society, Nebraska
Shenandoah Valley Plant Symposium
Southern Nurseryman’s Association (SNA)
South Africa, Keith Kirsten International
Southern Plant Conference (SNA) North Carolina Mobile, Alabama
Spokane Men’s Garden Club
St. Louis Botanic Garden
Swarthmore, Scott Arboretum, Shared Speaker
Swedish Horticultural Society, Gøthenborg, Sweden
Syracuse Garden Club
Tennessee Nurseryman’s Society
Toronto Botanical Garden
Toronto Civic Garden Centre
University of Applied Sciences, Wädenswil, Switzerland
University of Connecticut Perennial Program (two appearances)
University of Idaho
University of Oregon
Vancouver Hardy Plant Society
Wisconsin Hardy Plant Society
Yard, Garden, and Patio Show (four appearances)
Yew Dell, Kentucky

Accomplishments of Note

Dan serves as co-chairman of the Independ-ent Plant Breeder’s Conference in Portland, 2012

IPM Essen Trade Show and meetings with TERRA NOVA® licensees in Europe, 2010

Dan plays harmonica with the Charlie Daniels Band at the IGC show in Chicago. (Yes, he knows someone!), 2009

TERRA NOVA®’s New Plant Introductions pre-sented at the PPA convention in St. Louis, 2009

Talks given in Saitama, Japan, 2007

Presented nine new varieties at the Perennial Plant Symposium in Montreal, 2006

Dan presents first keynote address to Regional Master Gardeners, 2005

Production of the world’s first catalog/DVD (with movies and everything!), 2005

Dan botanizes the Columbia Gorge with Christopher Lloyd, Fergus Garrett, and “Gorge Master” Maurice Horn, 2003

Dan joins the Massachusetts Horticultural Society as a consultant in November for a two-week tour of the Gardens of Kyoto, 2002

TERRA NOVA® settles into its dream stock house, 9′ x140′, and lays out of several acres of trial beds and display gardens, 2002

Awards of Garden MeritTERRA NOVA® receives nine Awards of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society for its Heuchera. This is the highest award the society bestows upon a plant after sev-eral years of trials. Plants were judged against 201 Heuchera and x Heucherella varieties, 2001 and 2002

TERRA NOVA® purchases two new pieces of property for development, quadrupling its space; nursery expansion continues, 2001

Trade and speaking trip to Germany and Holland. Speaking on “Plant sourcing and Marketing” and “Colorful Companions” in Tasmania and New South Wales, Australia, 2001

Start of tetraploidy projects with Dr. Harini Koripala at the helm, 2000

Photo shoots by Martha Stewart and Floragraphics, 2000

RHS Wisley trials 200 Heuchera, many of which are contributed by TERRA NOVA®, 1999

Greenhouse and stock bed expansions com-pleted, 1999

Breeding program begins, 1999

Beginning of polyploidy research at TERRA NOVA®. Bruce Stermer, Ph.D., leads the re-search with Dan’s direction on varieties, 1998

Preliminary research begins on additional genera for hybridization programs, 1998

Signs one plant with Blooms of Bressingham and several with Van Bloem, 1998