TERRA NOVA® continues to move in new directions. Our product offerings have entered into new markets and the customers we find there are used to enhanced services that broker networks offer. We are proud to work with the following brokers so we can offer a multitude of ordering and financial options through these partners. All TERRA NOVA® customers, whether direct or represented by a broker, can still enjoy access to TERRA NOVA®’s support network. Culture sheets, photography, and grower solutions will all be shared across the board. Please contact us to obtain any information a broker rep may be unable to answer.

Ball Horticultural Company – 630-231-3600
BFG Supply – 800-883-0234
Eason Horticultural Resources – 800-214-2221
ePlantSource, Inc. – 855-674-8440
Express Seed Company – 800-221-3838
Fleurizon LLC – 805-389-8980
Florasource, Ltd.
– 949-498-1131
Griffin – 800-323-7253
Henry F. Michell Company – 800-422-4678
McHutchison, Inc. – 800-943-2230

Messick Company, LLC – 408-871-9816
Mid Atlantic Plant Company – 800-366-0350
Paridon Horticultural, Ltd. – 800-586-5236
TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. – 800-215-9450
Vandenberg Bulb – 800-955-3813
VanNoort Bulb – 604-888-6555
Vaughan’s Horticulture – 855-864-3300
VIS Seed Company, Inc. – 626-445-1233
WeHop – 800-669-6480