Our Liner Availability is updated once per day. It shows 52 weeks of product based on crop batches throughout the year.

Liner Availability

Our URC Availability is updated every 2 hours. It shows 52 weeks of product based on crop batches throughout the year.

URC Availability

Liner Program Details

ORDERS: 800-215-9450

  • Plants may be on limited availability depending on the variety. Not all plants are located in the 2024/2025 catalog.
  • Cell flats consist of 72 plugs/tray. (3) three trays can fit into our standard shipping boxes. Although filling a box is optional, we recommend doing so to possibly reduce shipping charges.
  • Our minimum order is 3 trays.

Heuchera / Heucherella Early Order Discount Program

In an effort to bring both Heuchera and Heucherella to the mass market place, we had to find a method of taking these varieties from the collector level and making them available to all. We accomplished this by offering a lower input cost for large volume and pre-planned ordering. This makes it easier for our laboratories around the world to better plan for mass production in larger numbers. Lower input costs also make the plants more appealing to the landscape industry allowing them to be used for mass plantings year around.

Plug Size

Unrooted Cutting Program Details

DanzigerWe have partnered with Danziger to produce cuttings from the TERRA NOVA® private stock. They offer the highest quality URCs sourced from their modern elite mother stock facility in Guatemala. Their entire line of unrooted cuttings benefit from the wonderful, sunny, temperate climate. This environment allows for economical, year-round production.

We feel this program has tremendous potential, and will play a major role in the direction of our breeding efforts. We’ll continue to add plants to the current offering, and look forward to this program growing along with your business and ours.


The ideal method of handling cuttings on arrival and prior to sticking is as follows:

If you cannot stick immediately:

  • Remove bags of cuttings from shipping boxes.
  • Remove cuttings from bags and place in flats.
  • Place flats of cuttings in a cooler at 50-55° F.
  • Provide humidification to at least 98% relative humidity. If 98% humidification cannot be achieved, do not remove cuttings from bag.
  • Provide some light (up to 50 foot candles) in the cooler, if possible.
  • Plant within 24 hours.


Ball Horticultural Company – 630-231-3600
BFG Supply – 800-883-0234
Eason Horticultural Resources – 800-214-2221
ePlantSource, Inc. – 855-674-8440
Express Seed Company – 800-221-3838
Farmer Bailey, Inc. – farmerbailey.com
Fleurizon LLC – 805-389-8980
Florasource, Ltd. – 949-498-1131
Griffin – 800-323-7253
Henry F. Michell Company – 800-422-4678
McHutchison, Inc. – 800-943-2230
Messick Company, LLC – 408-871-9816
Mid Atlantic Plant Company – 800-366-0350
Paridon Horticultural, Ltd. – 800-586-5236
Vandenberg Bulb – 800-955-3813
VanNoort Bulb – 604-888-6555
Vaughan’s Horticulture – 855-864-3300
VIS Seed Company, Inc. – 626-445-1233
WeHop – 800-669-6480


TERRA NOVA® provides tags with all orders for each plant sold; our tags contain photos, the proper genus, cultivar name, complete proprietary rights of the plant for all regions of potential sales (in the USA either “U.S. PPAF” or U.S. Plant Patent #. In Canada it is listed as COPF and Europe EU# or PVR).

For our customers’ we offer a tag exemption program, so that they can create their own tags. To qualify for this program, we require the following information on the tags to be submitted:

  • Your tags must have the correct plant name, PPAF or PP#, EU# or PVR.
  • Recommended, but not required, the words “plant propagation prohibited”.
  • We can provide you with updated plant patent lists on a request or put you on our emailing list. Updated tag photos are available free on our website.

For further information, please contact our Sales department.